corn and keto diet

 Corn with all its contents is allowed or not on the keto diet?

Corn and ketodite

an introduction

Corn is one of the most cultivated grains in the world, and it is rich in nutrients and suitable for various uses in the kitchen.

 it can be eaten in the form of grains or as flour, and it is also available in the form of oil used as an ingredient for delicious recipes, and roasted corn that turns into popcorn can also be eaten.

 Corn is actually on tables all over the world, it's beneficial and healthy, even if you eat it with unhealthy foods, it's definitely a food rich in nutrients and excellent body properties.

 What we are interested in in this article is corn and its derivatives, is it allowed to be consumed during the keto diet and will it affect the diet.

What is corn, and what is its nutritional value?

Maize is a plant that gives us starchy seeds, and it belongs to the family of wheat, barley, rice, oats and millet, the kinship also extends to other grains such as buckwheat and quinoa.

 the height of the cultivated corn plant reaches two and a half meters and produces about 3 - 4 cones, while some height can reach Wild species to 12 meters high.

corn grows and reproduces in temperatures over 10 ° C, it is a plant that is particularly resistant to parasites, but does not tolerate drought, The corn known today is used throughout the world in the form of oil, flour, starch and grains, giving way to various uses for it.

The nutritional value of corn

Corn is rich in fiber and mineral elements such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, calcium, iron and selenium in addition to B vitamins and vitamin A.

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Did you know that every 164 grams, any cup of sweet yellow corn, including what it contains?

-177 calories.

-Carbohydrates 41 grams.

-Protein 5.4 grams.

-Fats 2.1 grams.

-Fiber 4.6 grams.

-Vitamin C 17% of the daily recommended amount.

-Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 24% of the daily recommended amount.

-Folate (Vitamin B9) 19% of the daily recommended amount.

-magnesium 11% of the daily recommended amount.

-Potassium 10% of the daily recommended amount.

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Corn flour and its nutritional value

Ground corn flour is widely used, and according to the degree of grinding of the corn, flour is obtained with different granular measures, such as fine, medium soft and coarse flour.

 Corn flour is used in preparing pies, crepes, pasta, desserts and many types of sweets and breads.

The nutritional value of corn flour per 100 grams of corn:

-370 calories.

-Total fat 1.8 grams.

-Total carbohydrates 79 g.

-Dietary fiber 3.9 grams.

-Protein 7 grams.

-Potassium 142 mg.

Corn oil and its nutritional value

Corn oil is an oil that extracts the kernel of corn kernels, the yield of oil extraction is little, in fact, it is only about 15-20 percent of the whole part of the corn kernels.

 corn oil has a dark red color and only after refining it acquires the color of pure oil, the temperature  threshold is 140 ° C, which is why it can be used for cooking, corn oil is generally less expensive than most other vegetable oils.

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The nutritional value of corn flour per 100 grams of corn:

-900 calories.

-Total fat 100 grams.

-Total carbohydrates 0 grams.

-Dietary fiber 0 grams.

-Protein 7 grams.

very important....

And we come to the conclusion of the article, which is: Is the corn with its odds accurate and oil allowed in the Keto Diet or not?
We will answer this question in the next lines.

yellow corn

They are not allowed on the keto diet, but eating a few corn kernels may not significantly change the amount of carbohydrates in your body.

 but eating a full ration of corn during a keto diet will cause the carbohydrates to rise quickly in the blood enough to kick you out of ketosis.

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Corn flour

Also, of course, it is not allowed, as 100 grams of cornmeal contains 79 grams of carbohydrates, which is a very large amount, therefore, you should not eat cornmeal or any food that this flour includes in its composition if you follow the ketogenic diet.

corn oil

Of course, yes, corn oil is allowed in the Keto Diet, corn oil is unlike whole grains of corn or cornmeal, as corn oil never contains carbohydrates.

 and therefore it can be used in cooking and added to foods that are prepared during keto, in addition to this that this oil is formed It is completely fat and contains no carbohydrates.

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At the end of the article, I ask everyone to benefit from this topic, and be interesting, and thanks to everyone.


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