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Keto Diet and Weight Loss 

An introduction to the Keto Diet

American studies have confirmed that the ketogenic diet is one of the best diets in the world because of its many health benefits for the body, mind, and skin, and it also protects against diseases.

 as it was used in the past to treat epileptic fits, as it was used in the treatment of some cases of cancer patients,After it spread as a diet to lose weight, we will learn about the keto diet with valuable information in this article.

Keto Diet and Weight Loss

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What is Keto Diet

It is one of the most popular systems that rely heavily on foods that contain 90% of fat, in contrast to other diets that strictly prohibit eating fatty foods.

 and this is in exchange for reducing the intake of all foods that contain carbohydrates, such as vegetables And fruits, especially green ones, because they contain a high percentage of carbohydrates.

 and because this system is very high in fats, nutritionists prefer eating healthy unsaturated fats, such as nuts of all kinds, such as flax seeds, such as coconut oil and olive oil, butter.

   Types of keto diet systems

There are many types of the keto diet that are similar and differ between them in terms of protein and carbohydrate ratios, and the most prominent of these types are the following.

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The ketogenic diet is high in protein

This type contains a high proportion of protein, up to 35%

The typical ketogenic diet

In this system, the percentage of carbohydrates decreases significantly, and the percentage of fats increases, and protein is preferred to be consumed in moderation.

The cyclical ketogenic diet

In this system, the percentage of carbohydrates increases for a while, then gradually decreases again.

A targeted ketogenic diet

In this system, it is preferable to eat foods that contain carbohydrates, especially for those who exercise on a daily basis.

Benefits of the Keto Diet

The keto diet is one of the diets that contain many benefits, we will  show them as follow.

.It is useful for controlling blood sugar and insulin levels

.It is useful in treating major and safe cases of paralysis and epilepsy

.It protects against heart disease

.Treats chronic headache

.It prevents the growth of cancer cells

It helps those suffering from obesity, due to its tremendous ability to lose weight significantly.

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what can you eat on keto diet

When following the keto diet, it must be taken into account to avoid eating foods that contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, and eat only fats and proteins, and with this it is preferable to eat these foods, but in moderation, as follows.

Proteins and meat

Unprocessed meat is one of the foods that are allowed in the keto diet, but you must be careful of moderation in eating meat, because the protein in meat turns after that in the case of overeating into glucose.

 which slows down the stage of entry into ketosis, and from the types of permitted meats, miley is herbivore, all kinds of red meat, chicken, all kinds of fish, liver.


It is preferable to eat vegetables in the keto diet that contain a low percentage of carbohydrates.

 Vegetables are nutritious foods that give a delicious taste to the diet, and many doctors advise to replace most foods with vegetables at the beginning of any diet, the most important of which are

the following

onions, celery, cucumbers, Zucchini, broccoli in all its colors (white - green - red), leafy greens, green beans, olives, peppers, garlic, balls, radishes.


Water is one of the drinks that are recommended to drink a lot at least two liters of water, and you can sweeten the water by adding lemon slices to it, and among the permitted drinks in the keto diet are the following: tea (red - green) / coffee, sugar-free soft drinks.


All types of fish are allowed to be eaten, especially fresh fish, such as tilapia - tuna - salmon.


Among the foods that are beneficial to the body and among the most important fruits that are allowed to be eaten on the keto diet are the following coconut, strawberry, lemon, and berries.

Fats and oils

Such as vegetable and animal fats, mayonnaise, butter, olive oil, coconut oil.


Like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, and peanut butter.

Food and foods forbidden on the keto diet

In order for any diet to succeed, the instructions must be followed, and in the keto diet it is forbidden to eat carbohydrates, or sugary foods, and starches, because of their harmful effect on the body, and among the most prominent prohibited foods.

Manufactured products

Generally processed products are not recommended for use in any health system and even for ordinary individuals, such as manufactured sausages and burgers.


In any diet, it is not allowed to eat a high percentage of sugars, due to their rapid ability to gain weight, and among the most important of these sugars are cake and sweets, potatoes, processed juices, ice cream, low-fat products


It is advised to avoid starches of all kinds and to prevent them completely, such as pasta, white and brown rice, potatoes, beans, vegetable oils, and unsaturated fats.

Side effects and harms of the ketogenic diet

At the beginning of the keto diet, you will go through the keto flu stage, but this phase will not last for long, as it quickly disappears after a week when your body adjusts to the amount of fat that reaches it, and the main symptoms of it are 

the following:

headache, nervousness, poor eyesight, laziness, aswe can The side effects and harm of the keto diet are divided into two parts.

First, the most common symptoms

Among the most prominent symptoms that appear on people who follow the Keto Diet are the following increased heart rate, sluggishness and lethargy, a feeling of cramping in the hands and legs, bad breath.

Second, the least common

There are also some side effects that occur to a small group of individuals, the most prominent of which are 

the following: the appearance of a rash in different places of the body, the stones in the bladder especially in women, skin fading, high cholesterol, the inability to breastfeed and resort to formula milk.

Keto Diet and Weight Loss 1

List of prohibited items on the keto diet

After we learned about the permitted and prohibited foods, we will now deal with the purchases that you can not eat at all, in order to enter the keto stage in the event that the intake of carbohydrates is prohibited completely, and below we will get to know the list of purchases that are allowed to be purchased during the Keto Diet, which is.

Processed products

Among the purchases that it is preferable to avoid buying it completely while performing the ketodite regimen, such as: ketchup and mayonnaise, fast food from restaurants, canned goods of all kinds, food sauce, fast food such as biscuits, chips, soft drinks.

Cold and processed meats

Absolutely all of us know how dangerous processed meats can be, whether prepared or baked, and quick.

Juices and drinks

For all lovers of drinks and liquids that are found in the grocery store, here is in that list of prohibitions from juices that must be avoided during a keto diet such as Pepsi Diet or Cola Diet, apple juice, cranberry juice, alcohol of all kinds, drinks that contain soda, whether the diet or regular.


It is known that most sugars contain a large percentage of carbohydrates, which is strictly prohibited from being consumed in the keto diet, and the most prominent of these sugars are the following: maple syrup, dried fruits, fructose sugar, sugar of all kinds, sweets and cake.

Dairy products

On this list there are a range of skimmed dairy products such as ice cream, soy milk, coffee creamer and cappuccino, cheeses of all kinds

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Thus, we have presented all the information about the keto diet, and we advise everyone who follows it to always consult a doctor before following any diet to lose weight, especially those with chronic diseases, for a healthier life.

At the end of the article, I ask everyone to benefit from this topic, and be interesting, and thanks to everyone.

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