Is Keto Diet dangerous for pregnancy or not?


Keto Diet for Pregnant Women

Is Keto Diet dangerous for pregnancy or not?

Is Keto Diet dangerous for pregnancy or not?

A very important question for the minds of pregnant women who are on the keto diet, also is there a diet for pregnant women on the keto diet?

All the information of a pregnant woman on the Keto Diet we will get to know in this article, so let's start...

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The ketogenic diet works

The ketogenic diet works by breaking down fats instead of carbohydrates, and in the first trimester of pregnancy the body stores fat to use as an energy source in the later months.

And when you follow the keto diet for a pregnant woman, you prevent the body from storing these fats, which may negatively affect the pregnant woman and the fetus as well.

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Damage to the keto diet on a pregnant woman

After we learned briefly about following the keto diet for a pregnant woman, it harms her or not, we will now talk about some of the harms of the keto diet that can occur during pregnancy:

Lack of nutrients, such as vitamins (C, D, B12, folate) in addition to other minerals such as magnesium.

This happens because of eating only the permitted keto diet, which prevents many important fruits and vegetables for the body during pregnancy, so the fetus may suffer from delayed bone growth and the nervous system.

Increase the intake of saturated fats, by eating protein that contains those fats, and these fats raise the level of cholesterol in the body, which negatively affects the fetus as well.

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So after we learned how dangerous the keto diet is to the fetus, is there a solution?

Diet for pregnant women on the keto diet

The diet that a pregnant woman follows must be containing the complete nutrients of vitamins and minerals that help the fetus grow properly, and the following points must be taken into account when following the keto diet:

-Increase your intake of unsaturated fats and avoid saturated fats, Salmon and broccoli rich in omega 3 acids can be eaten.

-Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables that contain a high amount of fiber that helps reduce bouts of constipation that afflicts a pregnant woman, as well as vegetables contain folic acid, which protects against fetal deformities.

-Increase your intake of dairy products during pregnancy to provide the fetus with calcium needed for the growth of bones and teeth.

- Consult a doctor and get nutritional supplements whenever needed, to prevent anemia.

-Reducing the intake of fast food, which contain a high proportion of sugars harmful to the body and lead to obesity.

-Drinking water often to reduce constipation.

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The Keto Diet for pregnant women is always a question for many pregnant women, as they desire not to gain more weight during pregnancy.

But when it comes to the safety of the fetus, it is necessary to follow the diets that help it in its natural growth, and from here we recommend not to follow the keto diet for a pregnant woman or to consult the treating doctor before taking this step.

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At the end of the article, I ask everyone to benefit from this topic, and be interesting, and thanks to everyone.

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