The most important benefits of the keto diet

The keto diet is known to be a diet based on foods that contain lots of healthy fats, adequate amounts of protein and very few carbohydrates.

So it is a system based on obtaining more calories from fat than carbohydrates, and the keto diet works to reduce sugar from the body and as a result of this, fats are broken down from the body in order to obtain energy.

Which works to produce what are called ketones molecules that the body needs for fuel, and that is when the body burns fat, which leads to weight loss.

Top 7 benefits of the keto diet

The most important benefits of the keto diet
The most important benefits of the keto diet

1- It supports weight loss

The keto diet works to lose weight, by reducing appetite, and eating foods that reduce hormones that stimulate hunger.

The keto diet also works to lose weight, by increasing fats and reducing carbohydrates in the foods eaten for those who follow the keto diet.

Losing weight is beneficial because it will make the appearance more beautiful and it will also make the keto dieter feel better than before, but it is assumed that the keto diet follower is aware of the need to constantly stick to his diet to avoid gaining weight again.

2- It works to improve acne

Acne has different causes, and it may be related to diet and blood sugar in some people. A diet rich in carbohydrates may lead to high or low blood sugar, and in both cases it may negatively affect the health of the skin.

But by following the keto diet, and reducing carbohydrate intake with it, it works to reduce acne symptoms in some people.

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3- It works to reduce the risk of some types of cancer

The keto diet reduces the incidence of some types of cancer, as a result of what researchers have examined the effects of the keto diet in preventing and treating some types of cancer.

It was found that the Keto Diet helps with treatment, because it may cause oxidative stress in cancer cells more than normal cells, which leads to their death.

Also, the keto diet reduces blood sugar, which reduces the risk of insulin, and it is known that this insulin is a hormone that controls blood sugar and may have links with some types of cancer.

4- It may improve heart health

When a person follows the keto diet, he must choose healthy foods, because eating healthy fats reduces cholesterol, which improves heart health.

Conversely, eating foods high in cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease, so the keto diet works to reduce cholesterol, which improves heart health.

5- It may protect brain functions

Some studies indicate that the keto diet works to strengthen the nerves and protect the brain and nerve cells, so one of these benefits also is that the keto diet prevents Alzheimer's disease.

6- It reduces possible epileptic fits

The proportion of fats, protein and carbohydrates in the keto diet changes the way the body uses energy, which reduces potential epileptic seizures, especially in children, but more research should be done on how effective this is.

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7- It improves the symptoms of PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that can lead to excess male hormones, impaired ovulation, and polycystic ovaries. A high-carbohydrate diet can cause harmful effects in people with PCOS, such as skin problems and weight gain.

Through clinical studies on the keto diet, researchers have found that the keto diet improves many markers of PCOS.

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