Everything about the keto diet for breastfeeding women

Everything about the keto diet for breastfeeding women, this is the title of this article, and our goal in this article is to know the problems of the ketogenic diet for breastfeeding women?

To what extent breastfeeding is affected by the keto diet, one must first understand what the ketosis process is, for which the diet is named.

Ketosis is a natural process that burns fat to nourish cells, When our bodies lack carbohydrates, they start burning fats, and this leads to a fat burning process called the keto diet, but is the keto diet for breastfeeding a safe thing?

Is the keto diet for breastfeeding women allowed or forbidden?

Everything about the keto diet for breastfeeding women
Everything about the keto diet for breastfeeding women

Maternal health is of utmost importance after childbirth of course, so many have witnessed rapid weight loss as a result of the ketogenic diet.

In the beginning, we must understand how breastfeeding takes place and how the process of milk production takes place.

Breast milk for a nursing woman contains a large proportion of water and healthy fats.

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How to eat the ketogenic way?

Before we know the keto diet for breastfeeding, we must first address the ketogenic diet in terms of definition and how it works inside the body.

The ketogenic system is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat system, with the calorie representation in it as follows:

60-75% fat.
25-30% of protein.
5-10% of carbohydrates.

Fats are broken down through the liver so that the body can use them to produce energy instead of carbohydrates.

Follow the ketogenic diet for breastfeeding

There are many differences on the possibility of following the ketogenic diet for breastfeeding, as some support it and do not find it dangerous, but in return it sets conditions for it.

These conditions must be adhered to by the breastfeeding woman, in the interest of her life and the life of her child, and there are those who disagree with this opinion and believe that the ketogenic diet for breastfeeding poses a danger to the mother and her child.

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The conditions are:

-The ketogenic diet must be followed before pregnancy and breastfeeding, so that the body can adapt to the ketogenic diet before pregnancy.

Thus, the woman avoids exposure to the side effects of the diet while she is pregnant, and the body has become accustomed to using fats and using them well.

-Maintaining caloric metabolism, and not reducing it or creating a deficit in it, in the interest of her life and the life of her fetus.

-Take care to take nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals that the body constantly loses, because any deficiency exposes them and the child to danger.

-Drink water frequently to avoid dehydration, because this poses a risk to both her and the fetus, and you should know that water represents 87% of breast milk.

-Increase your fiber intake to ensure a digestive system free of health problems for you and your child.

-Pay attention to eating healthy fats, because this affects the quality of breast milk that the child is fed on, by eating foods rich in omega-3 fats.

Avoid the ketogenic diet for breastfeeding women

Despite the opinions in favor of the keto diet for breastfeeding women, there are doctors who state that the ketogenic diet is not suitable in the period of breastfeeding after childbirth.

The reason for this is the child's need for a variety of food sources, which are severely reduced in the ketogenic system, especially in terms of vitamins.

Although there are different systems of the ketogenic diet, doctors believe that the ketogenic diet should be avoided for breastfeeding and pregnant women, because it is not necessary to risk the health of the mother and the child in order to follow a certain diet.

The keto diet for breastfeeding women may cause a decrease in milk in the mother, because the diet reduces the appetite, due to his interest in fatty foods such as: meat and dairy products rich in fat.

It is also possible that breastfeeding mothers do not pay attention to the prescribed calories that are supposed to be consumed, which reduces milk production, and this means that the child will get a lesser proportion of the food.

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Finally, is the keto diet safe during breastfeeding?

According to medical studies, there are those who advise against following the keto diet during the period of breastfeeding, and also pregnancy because keto prevents pregnant and lactating women from eating some foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

Also, during this diet, they will be predisposed to deficiency of some of these vitamins and minerals, which poses a danger to them and the fetus.

There are those who allow keto in both cases, but we support the first opinion, in the interest of the mother and the child.

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At the end of the article, I ask everyone to benefit from this topic, and be interesting, and thanks to everyone.

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