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The Keto Diet Classic is one in every of the styles of diet employed within the ketogenic diet, and it is the essential system from which the alternative types are derived, and also the Keto Diet Classic is that the foremost restrictive and restrictive of the type of foods eaten.

What do i understand the Keto Diet Classic?


Keto Diet Classic
Keto Diet Classic

Definition of Keto Diet Classic

It is a diet that everyone who wants to show very quickly resort to, because it limits the use of carbohydrates to an oversized degree, because the daily consumption size ranges between 20: 50 grams.

In contrast to low carbohydrates, we discover that they raise the daily intake of healthy fats to the highest level, while proteins are available in a very mean ratio between them.

So it seems that the metabolism of the classic keto diet depends on fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

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* The proportions of each of them are as follows:

Healthy fats: 70%.

Carbohydrates: 5%.

Proteins: 25%.

With this nutritional breakdown, someone consuming 2,500 calories per day will eat the following:

208 g fat, 1750 calories.

125 gm protein, 500 calories.

30 gm carbohydrates, 250 calories.

The keto flu on the classic keto diet

Since the classic keto diet reduces carbohydrates in food to the lowest rate (20:50 grams per day), this exposes the person to developing keto flu.

It's called the keto flu, Because its symptoms are just like the symptoms of normal flu, and these symptoms last between 4 days and each week.

As there are side effects that some people or part of them are exposed to during the number of withdrawal from the carbohydrate diet, which they continue until the body adjusts to fats.

The classic keto diet goes through four stages within which the body tries to eliminate the harmful effects of a high-carb diet.

And ends with the body acclimating to fats and dealing to interrupt them down, to extract ketones to be a primary source of energy instead of glucose.

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Flu symptoms:

We should know that there aren't any consistent symptoms of keto flu, as they differ from person to person, and that they also differ in severity.

Among the most symptoms of the keto flu:

-Nausea and vomiting from time to time.

-Feeling dizzy and sleepy.

-Feeling of lethargy.


-Prolonged headache.

-Inability to exercise.

-Muscle contraction because of the body losing sodium and magnesium.

-Bad breath thanks to the tendency of the body to supply ketones from fats.

-A sense of general weakness within the body.


-Low glucose level.

Methods for treating keto flu:

-Get enough water on a daily basis to safeguard the body from dehydration.

-Eat foods rich in minerals to catch up on what the body loses from them, and a few keto diet supplements is taken.

-Eat carbohydrates in specific and specific proportions, and that they mustn't exceed 5%.

-Doing some light exercise daily, and you must not increase it so muscle cramps don't increase.

-Increase the intake of fiber from vegetables to urge eliminate diarrhea and constipation that will affect some.

-Fasting for 3 days before starting the diet reduces the potency of the keto flu.

Tips for avoiding the keto flu while on the ketogenic diet:

Gradually reduce carbohydrates in food, because the sudden decrease in carbohydrates could be a shock to the body, which increases the severity of the keto flu.

More than consuming natural fats with every meal, so the body can break it right down to obtain the energy needed to function.

Follow up with a nutritionist and consult him before starting the keto diet, and when coping with the symptoms of keto flu.

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Tips for better results on the Classic Keto Diet

Nutritionists provide many tips for followers of the Classic Keto Diet, to help them stay in ketosis for as long as possible.

These tips aim to achieve better results, especially if the person is looking for a solution to overweight or obesity.

-Set your goal on the keto diet.

-Make a keto diet plan and persist with it.

-The keto diet isn't a fast or temporary fix

be realistic.

-Choose the number of an affordable deficit which will be achieved

Exercising regularly.

-Get accustomed a number of the negative side effects of the ketogenic diet.

-Establish your priorities when following the keto diet.

-Find information about the keto diet for weight loss.

-Stick to a keto diet plan.

-Build new habits.

-Make your diet simple.

-Make your home carb free.

-Use tools to trace nutrients and calories.

-Track your progress.

-Don't be hard on yourself.

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