The best recipes for lunch keto Diet

The keto diet is a diet that consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and lunch is the meal that is most filled with important nutrients and proteins that a person loves in food, and we will learn in this article about lunch in this system.

Keto Diet Lunch Meals

The best recipes for lunch keto Diet
The best recipes for lunch keto Diet

Lunch is one of the most popular keto diet lunches that people like on the keto diet, because proteins are forbidden and carbohydrates are forbidden except at lunch.

Some proteins and some carbohydrates are allowed, and keto diet lunches are varied, but they are generally meat.

Despite the availability of proteins in the foodstuffs in the keto diet, it is necessary for the keto diet to be according to certain controls and placed in appropriate quantities.

And it is small so as not to affect the food system known in this system, so this system works on slimming, so these proteins must be taken carefully and in limited quantities.

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What are the keto diet lunches?

Lunch meals for the keto diet differ from day to day, as food is the most meal that is a little free from other meals, and they are as follows: 

1- Saturday lunch: You can eat pieces of salmon or pieces of grilled burger.

2- Sunday lunch: You can eat pieces of turkey and some pieces of avocado, and you can add some vegetables to them.

3- Lunch on Monday: You eat pieces of avocado with a few pieces of cheese, and then you can add pieces of the burger.

4- Lunch on Tuesday: You can eat pieces of vegetables with the addition of some tomatoes and cucumbers, and this is in addition to canned tuna.

5- Lunch on Wednesday: A little rice with boiled eggs and some slices of turkey, in addition to some vegetables or fruits such as avocado.

6- Lunch on Thursday: A simple piece of fried or grilled cauliflower is eaten with a little cheese and some vegetables.

7 - Friday lunch: chicken and chicken soup is eaten with a little salad and only a little butter.

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Best keto lunch meals

Lunch meals vary from time to time, but all meals at lunch are of a protein nature, as many people follow the keto diet, and they wait impatiently for lunch, which is the most delicious meal among the meals of the day, as it works to fill hunger by a large percentage and more Than any other meal of the day.

The most important keto lunch meals are as follows:

1- Mombar with minced meat as follows:

Ingredients: The components are as follows

Few of Mopars.

A little bit of meat.

About three onions of large size.

Three pieces of chopped garlic.

Pieces of butter.

a pinch of salt.

 How to work: be as follows

 All of the previous ingredients except for the mombbar are placed in a large plate over the fire.

All these ingredients are stirred until fully cooked on the stove.

You take it out on another plate.

Water is placed in another dish, and the mumbar is placed in it until it boils.

The mumbar is filled with the previous ingredients.

Put on fire on a piece of butter and fry it.


2- Chicken and be as follows:

Ingredients: as follows

Pieces of chicken.

Tomatoes, onions, a pinch of salt and oil.

 How to work: This is done as follows

You bring the existing pieces of chicken and put them in water on the fire.

Tomatoes and onions are cut into small portions and also put on fire with the chicken.

After the chicken or chicken pieces are completely cooked, they are removed.

Put a little oil in another casserole, and put the chicken on it until completely browned.

And you have chicken and chicken soup.

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3- Meat or meatballs and be as follows:

Ingredients: meat, garlic, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and some spices.

 How to work: be as follows

Put the meat on low heat and add all the spices.

Stirring continuously.

Put a little egg and vinegar.

4- Food salad and shall be as follows:

Ingredients: tomato, cucumber, pepper, some vegetables, lemon and some spices.

 How to work: Chop all of the previous ingredients in a small bowl or a medium bowl.

You squeeze lemon on the previous ingredient with spices.

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5- Cheese burger and be as follows:

Ingredients: They are as follows

Regular burger.

A few spices.

Some oil or ghee.

A pinch of American cheese.

Vegetables such as lettuce.

tomato sauce.

 How to work: be as follows

Put a little oil on the fire.

You are constantly flipping between the burgers.

She takes out the burger and puts American cheese on it on both sides.

You put it on fire again.

You elicit it and present it.

6- Cauliflower and be as follows:

Ingredients: You will bring the following:

A fruit of cauliflower.

4 eggs.

A pinch of fine flour.

A little yogurt that is curdled.

Chunks of tomato but be heavily chopped.

You can add a pinch of dill and chopped cilantro.

Little oil or ghee.

Mode of action: as follows

Chunks of cauliflower are placed in the water on the fire.

We take the cauliflower out of the boiling water, add all the aforementioned materials on it, and stir it well until it takes on the color of the ingredients.

Put the cauliflower pieces in hot oil, and stir gently until ready.

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7- Salmon and be as follows:

Ingredients: They are as follows

Few slices of salmon.

A pinch of mustard.

Some spices.

A few onions.

 How to work: be as follows

All the spices of salt, cumin, flour, thyme and other spices are combined with each other.

Put the salmon slices on all the previous ingredients.

You get some oil, put a frying pan on the stove, and add it to it.

Add the salmon slices on the fire.

Wait approximately 8 minutes until it is completely cooked through on a stove.

It is taken out and eaten.


8- Shrimp with garlic and be as follows:

Ingredients: shrimp, zucchini, garlic, and a little butter.

 How to work: You add all the spices components to each other and then the shrimp are seasoned in the previous spices, and then put in oil, and then become edible.

Shrimp is one of the most delicious keto diet lunches.

9 - Taco casserole and be as follows:

Ingredients: be as follows

Minced meat.


Mexican cheese.

Some mozzarella cheese.

olive oil.

 How to work: be as follows

Put the oil on the fire, put the onion on it and heat it until the onion turns yellow.

Add the ground meat and cook for 6 minutes.

In another casserole egg is made, and pepper is sprinkled on it.

Put the bread on the eggs, and then put the meat on the bread.

Put in the oven for 25 minutes and serve.

10 - Pieces of fried cheese and be as follows:

Ingredients: cheese, oil and flour.

 How to work: Cheese is placed directly in the flour after it goes out of the refrigerator.

Pieces of cheese are placed on fire.

Are offered.

The fried cheese is one of the delicious keto diet lunches that we recommend not to miss.

We have learned about the keto diet lunches, which are considered one of the most protein-rich meals, and food must be eaten at lunch in normal quantities that are not many and not few so that the body is not affected.

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At the end of the article, I ask everyone to benefit from this topic, and be interesting, and thanks to everyone.

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