The weekly ketogenic diet

 Followers of the keto diet always look for a weekly keto diet schedule, in order to ensure that they stay on this diet for as long as possible, and get positive results, and in this article we will talk about the meals that can be relied upon in following a keto diet within a week.

The keto diet in a week

First, we must know what the keto diet is

It is a diet that aims to lose weight and helps treat many diseases such as diabetes, stress, cancer, and others, The keto diet limits the intake of carbohydrates to a large degree in exchange for an increase in fat intake.

The keto diet increases fat burning rates in the human body faster than many other diets or methods of slimming.

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What are the benefits of the keto diet

-It works to lose the human body to very high rates.

-Maintains insulin levels in the blood.

-Helps get rid of high areas such as the stomach area.

-It works to get rid of excess salts from the body's need.

-It helps the body to increase internal energy and thus distribute energy throughout the body.

-Helps limit the spread of cancer cells.

What are the disadvantages of the keto diet

-Causes muscle cramps due to a lack of minerals and vitamins in the body.

-The keto diet causes an unpleasant odor in the mouth.

-Infection with what is known as the keto flu, which are symptoms similar to the common cold, such as headache, cold, lack of concentration and lethargy, but they disappear within a period ranging between 3 days and a week.

The weekly ketogenic diet

The first day of the weekly ketogenic schedule:

During breakfast, you can rely on boiled eggs, some tomatoes, cucumbers and some other leafy vegetables, and then drink a cup of coffee mixed with unsweetened butter.

As for lunch, you can rely on canned fish that follow keto, and add salad to it.

And in dinner, we find the steaks are very distinctive at this time, and you can rely on spaghetti and broccoli as salads.

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The second day of the weekly keto schedule:

We continue to talk about the keto diet, and we find breakfast consisting of two eggs, an avocado, and cinnamon can be used to give the meal a delicious taste.

And for lunch, you can choose a type of high-fat meat and cook it, and you can use green beans and some salted olives aside.

As for dinner, one can rely on one of the types of cheese allowed on the keto, as well as a variety of leafy vegetables allowed on keto.

 The third day of the weekly keto schedule:

Breakfast, Eggs are one of the best recipes for the weekly keto diet, especially for breakfast, and tomato strips can be added to them.

In addition to drinking a little strawberry or raspberry juice, along with a cup of warm green tea.

And in food, you can rely on a type of fish such as salmon, as well as slices of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

And for dinner, you can eat nuts such as peanuts and almonds, and eat a cup of whole milk.

The fourth day of the weekly ketogenic schedule:

For breakfast, you can add spinach to butter and scrambled eggs, and toss them with parsley, then have a cup of green tea.

As for food, you can follow the technique of intermittent fasting, as the prescription for this day’s lunch is canceled.

And for dinner, you can eat green beans with lettuce and parsley, add olive oil to them, and then eat two avocados.

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The fifth day of the weekly keto diet:

For breakfast, you can have a cup of coffee mixed with butter, and there is no objection to eating some strawberry slices.

At lunch we find a keto diet that includes a cucumber salad rich in parsley and tomato, as well as chicken bacon.

And for dinner, you can rely on fried eggs with butter, along with a plate of cheese and olives, and a plate of salad.

Day 6 on the keto diet:

Breakfast on the sixth day of the weekly keto diet includes cheese slices, fried eggs in olive oil, and sliced ​​cucumber.

As for lunch, you can rely on tuna, in addition to tomatoes, cucumbers and olive oil.

And for dinner, you can use meatballs cooked in coconut oil, along with a broccoli salad.

The seventh day of the weekly keto schedule:

Breakfast can be two eggs fried in olive oil, along with walnuts.

At lunch, we make a salad consisting of cucumber and tomatoes, along with tuna, and two avocado.

As for dinner on the last day of the weekly keto schedule, it relies on fried red palm oil burgers, along with some slices of cheese and salad.

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At the end of the article, I ask everyone to benefit from this topic, and be interesting, and thanks to everyone.

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